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    "Good things do happen, Dean!  However, this is not one of those times so lets get this apocalypse on the road."

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  3. Season 6: a narrative of misdirection, lies, emotional manipulation and abuse

    Season 6 is probably one of the most controversial seasons in supernatural. The opinions go through all the range: from great to terrible and everything in between. I found season 6 to be one of the most painful season supernatural has ever produced. Despite the many plots that were summarily discarded (I’m thinking of the alpha monsters and Eve, but also of the Campbells), I think it was one of the most coherent narratively speaking.

    I’m going to look at it through a specific lens, and for this reason I will not expound too much on the motivations of the characters – it would make this write up longer than it already is.

    As a disclaimer, please know that I understand where each character comes from and the motivations behind their decision, there is no intent of condemnation. The characters in Supernatural are often backed in a corner and even though that doesn’t act as justification for bad choices, I understand – and like – that sometimes a different one than the ones they made is simply hidden from sight at that particular moment. This is true for Sam, it is true for Cas, and is true for Dean.

    For the sake of this write-up, I will focus on Dean because that’s what interests me right now, and because I believe what happened in that season is pivotal in understanding Dean’s characterization post season 6 and up until now.

    I haven’t read yet a write up of Dean in season 6 and I needed that perspective out. (For full disclosure, while the season was airing I did focus a lot on the nature of soulless!Sam and Castiel’s motivations. But I have never stopped and written exhaustively about the effect on Dean of the events in season 6 – probably because I needed the detachment of time to properly talk about it.)

    Often, when referring to Dean, the word regression is used, but the causes of that regression are not always analyzed. This is what I’m going to attempt.

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wow dude haven’t u been productive today nice job


    wow dude haven’t u been productive today nice job

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  6. and something else re: torture, because it’s worth talking about it. another quite common argument for dean enjoying torture is that he still does it. now, i’ll be the first to admit that the theme of torture has been watered down by less than consistent writing, but this argument usually ignores two aspects. 

    the first is that all the characters in supernatural engage in torture, sam, bobby, cas all of them have been shown engaging in torture more than once - i’m not talking about what we are supposed to consider the bad guys here like crowley, for example. 

    the second aspect is that of these, the only one who has shown a deep revulsion toward torture has been dean. 

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  7. looking further at canon aftermath…


    At first I was thinking that Dean hasn’t shown much reaction to these examples we’ve been talking about until the latest with Cas; but as I started looking at canon, I realized that’s not true. The show has built in way more reaction than I was giving it credit for.

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  9. I miss the simplicity. I was bad, you were good. Life was easier.
    Now it’s all so messy.
    I’m kinda good which sucks and you’re kinda bad, which is actually all manner of hot.

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    Favourite Destiel moments (in no particular order)

    ~ 6x20

    And the worst part was Dean, trying so hard to be loyal, with every instinct telling him otherwise.

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    which is worse


    #breaking his hand in the dreamstate exercise serves no purpose but persevering to make him more helpless until his death #fantasy vs reality #in reality dean attempts to put up a fight and breaking his arm serves to making him kneel  #who choreographed these fucking hands i hate them whoever they are #otp: hands #i also dont know if its more horrifying that fandom seems to be ignoring the punch and translating this scene as dean willing to die as if h #as if he had a choice* #or the angel views of how dean needs to be put down #also one more thing #in angel pov dean doesnt put up a fight which is interesting because in reality ~hey there’s a punch he punches #it doesnt make any sense bc that wont help but fight or flight much? 


    #i completely forgot he had broken dean’s hand #he never let go of it #he beat dean up whilst clinging to that hand #fucking prayers #ASHLEY OPENED MY EYES TO YOU SPN I SEE YOU PARALLELING DEAN’S BROKEN BONES WITH A BROKEN GODTOUCHED OBJECT #*godspoke #even dean’s bones still in his body correlate as holy relics in the ptb’s eyes #it must be automatic at this point #and for dean to begin his pleading and prayer he has to hurt so badly he’s barely conscious #be cornered until he’s pared to his default #your suffering saves #he suffers and prays motivated simply bc this is not castiel #(not for the pain to stop; no; never #and when castiel reaches forward he whimpers bc it’s abt to over and he’s going to the place where they did this to him) #dean belongs to everyone but himself

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  15. Of course, I didn’t realize it at the time. But it was all over. Right then - just like that. 

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